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With full power on every port, Phihong midspans support 10/100/1,000 (gigabit) Ethernet. Phihong midspans are designed around an open silicon platform, feature USB connectivity for the management console, and are designed and tested in the USA for greater focus on the North American PoE market.

Need 30, 60, 80 or 95 Watts of PoE power-on-demand? Talk to the leader in advancing PoE technology - Phihong, the name behind
Midspan ports with ethernet cables

60W-80W per port - ultra-high-power midspans
POE60U-560G 1-Port PoE Midspan

POE75U-1UP 1-Port PoE Midspan 75W per Port
POE75U-1UPN 1-Port SNMP PoE Midspan
POE75U-1UP(PD) 1-Port PoE Midspan

POE75D-1UP 1-Port 75W DC Input Midspan

POE80U-560G 1-Port PoE Midspan

POE240U-4UPN 4-Port SNMP PoE Midspan Four port small footprint Ultra POE

POE480U-4UP 4-Port PoE Midspan
POE480U-8UP 8-Port PoE Midspan

POE576U-8UPN 8-Port SNMP PoE Midspan 75W 8-Port Midspan

POE45-120 12 Volt 45W PoE Splitter 45W PoE Splitter

POE21-120F PoE Splitter for Camera and heater RJ45 54 Volts 30W DC Connector 12 Volts 21W
POE60D-560G 52W Power Over Ethernet Splitter

Passive Injectors
POE61U-560D 56V, 3-Wire Input, Passive Power Injector
POE61U-560DG 56V, 3-Wire Input, Gigabit Passive Power Injector
POE61W-560D 56V, 2-Wire Input, Passive Power Injector
POE61W-560DG 56V, 2-Wire Input, Gigabit Passive Power Injector

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