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PoE Power-on-demand products

PoE power-on-demand midspans allow best-in-class network switches to handle the data without limiting your available power. This advanced midspan technology provides full-power on every port and is a more cost-effective solution to expand your network capability because it isolates the data to the switch and the power to the midspan.

The number of applications today with PoE-enabled devices is growing. Many of these devices require higher power and can benefit from consolidating power and data, making a strong case for midspans as the most cost-effective and scalable power source solution. Power-on-demand midspans allow your best-in-class network switch to handle the data without limiting your available power, which makes them a popular choice for traditional PoE applications like:

Security Systems | VoIP Telephony | Wireless LAN

Power-on-demand midspans enabling full-power on every port, are becoming the preferred power sourcing equipment (PSE) for “PoE-ready” products including:
• Full-function security cameras
• Alarm systems and sensors
• Security access controls including badge readers
• Industrial clocks and time keeping
• Lighting controls
• RFID tag readers
• IP thermostats and wall clocks
• VoIP ceiling speakers
• Flat panel touchscreens in kiosks
• Bar code scanning
• Smoke detectors
• Stage lighting
• In-flight entertainment systems


Security systems applications

Using midspans to power end devices such as full-function IP video cameras is a natural evolution of applying PoE midspan technology. Power-on-demand midspans offer an easy, fast and cost-effective solution for supplying power to network security products such as cameras, sensors, scanners and alarms without the need to install power outlets and electrical cabling.

With cameras traditionally being installed in high open places where AC electrical outlets are not readily available, use of midspans can optimize cost savings by being able to install these devices where AC sockets are not present.


Midspan benefits for security products

  • Midspan benefits for security products
  • Reset any device by recycling the power remotely by accessing it through the camera’s midspan port
  • Place any device to where you need it without concern for available AC power.
  • With a UPS backup for the Security network, the entire camera network can continue operation during a power outage
  • Provides 99.999% reliability
  • Splitters and midspans are available to power the camera PTZ motors and heater devices
  • Provides safe power per IEEE specifications
  • Supports new class of higher-powered devices
  • Eliminates cost of replacing switches

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VoIP telephony applications

Expanding networked VoIP phone systems with higher power video screen functions, make midspans the preferred power solution. Since VoIP phone sets don't take line power from the Central Office, they need local power. With a centralized UPS, midspans provide a secure, centralized power source at a fraction of the cost of PoE switches, and is the most cost-effective way to achieve 99.999% reliability. This ensures that IP phones keep working in the event of power failures. A midspan solution works with all existing CAT5/CAT6 cabling systems. Power-on-demand midspans provide full-power on every port and are designed to work with all Ethernet, Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet Switches.


Midspan benefits for telephony

  • With a UPS attached to the midspan, IP phones are always live
  • 99.999% reliability
  • Single cable connection per IP phone
  • Save 75% of the cost of traditional AC power outlet placement
  • Power devices up to 120W
  • Eliminate the time and cost of electricians installing outlets at workstation locations
  • Operates with existing Ethernet infrastructure and structured cabling
  • Creates centralized network power management
  • Provides safe power per IEEE specifications
  • Supports new class of higher-powered devices
  • Eliminates cost of replacing switches


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Wireless LAN applications
With Wireless LAN applications growing each year, Power-over-Ethernet Technology has grown in popularity largely due to the dramatically reduced installation costs for Wireless Access Points. Power-over-Ethernet technology frees the Network Design team to position the Wireless Access Points anywhere regardless of available AC outlets. When backing up the midspan with a UPS system, 99.999% reliability of the wireless network can be achieved. This way, secure, reliable centralized power is provided at a fraction of the cost of PoE switches.

Midspan benefits for wireless networks

  • Eliminate installation costs for AC outlets
  • Eliminate cost of replacing PoE switches
  • Use a Chassis (4 to 24 Ports) or one or more single-port Injectors as needed
  • 99.999% reliability
  • Supports new class of higher-powered devices
  • Eliminates cost of replacing switches
  • Provides safe power per IEEE specifications


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