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Power-on-demand midspans provide full power on every port giving network designers a lower cost option when creating or expanding VoIP, WiFi, security or workstation networks. A $500, 400 watt, 24-port power-on-demand midspan will provide full power on every port and greater expansion capabilities, with more functionality and greater flexibility than an expensive, 195W, 24-port, business-class network PoE switch.

A Midspan (or Midspan PoE Hub or Midspan PoE or Power Injector) is an additional PoE power source that can be used in combination with a non-PoE Switch or a PoE Switch that is at capacity and is already in place or is about to be installed in a network. In addition to offering numerous additional PoE ports, a midspan costs substantially less than a new PoE enabled switch. Midspan technology and midspans are a proven solution not to cause data degradation, loss of integrity or network issues. Midspans especially those offering full-power on every port are the only logical solution for expanding networks involving higher powered devices in applications including: VoIP phones with videoscreens, higher power wireless access points, full-function security cameras, RFID tag readers and more.

Today there are many reasons why end users should select midspans for their PoE network power requirements:

  • If there is an existing Ethernet switch in place and the need is for additional PoE ports, buying a new switch for thousands of dollars instead of a midspan for hundreds of dollars just for the additional PoE ports, is a waste of money and the time in man hours configuring the switch for the network

  • If the power requirement for end devices varies a power-on-demand midspan is easily capable of delivering up to full power to all available ports

  • Future-proof your network – midspans don’t use traditional power management found in switches. Midspans allow you to completely utilize every port without running out of power

  • Built-in support for 10/100/1000 Gigabit connectivity

  • Budget – when it comes to expanding the power requirements of your network, midspans will save thousands of dollars compared to purchasing PoE switches

  • Expansion – if you need additional PoE ports on your network because the power supply in the switch is at capacity or you have run out of PoE ports, a power-on-demand midspan is the lowest cost and most efficient way to expand

  • Higher power – a power-on-demand midspan can deliver higher power 30W, 60W, or 80W per port, more than a PoE switch can

  • If your existing PoE switch is fully utilizing its available power you can supplement it with a single or multi-port midspan



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